Robosoul driving guide

These pages are here to support you on your journey towards passing your driving test.

The lessons on this site are designed to support in-car training from a qualified driving instructor, particularly in conjunction with the Learn To Drive series of iPad apps from Robosoul.

By studying the information here, you will find it easier to remember what you have been learning in your driving lessons, smoothing the path to a test pass and helping you along the route towards safe driving for life.

There are many ways to drive, and to teach driving. There are also many different ways of explaining the same thing. What you read here may not be exactly the same as what your instructor tells you inside the car. Don't be alarmed! This may simply be down to a different choice of words, or it could be a genuine difference of opinion regarding how something ought to be done. (Driving instructors love to argue with each other about the many different ways of doing things!) If in any doubt, ask your instructor for clarification.