Emergency Stop

The emergency stop is not a manoeuvre. You may or may not be asked to carry out an emergency stop during your test. If you are asked to do it, the examiner will inform you in advance and will also make sure it is safe to do so before giving the command to stop. The purpose of the exercise is to bring the vehicle to a stop quickly and under full control. The emergency stop may also be referred to as the controlled stop.

• Identify the need to stop promptly
• No mirror check: you should already have a good idea what is behind
• Quick reaction. Move your right foot from the gas to the brake
• Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel with both hands while braking
• Exponentially increase pressure on the brake
• Push the clutch to the floor shortly before coming to a stop
• Once fully stopped, secure the car by engaging the handbrake
• Select neutral and release pedals

Moving off
• Prepare: Select 1st gear. Hands and feet ready to move off
• Observe: Effective all-round observations. Remember blindspots
• Move: Move off when safe


Get animated examples with the interactive Emergency Stop app for iPad