Reverse Right

To reverse around a corner you should have around half a metre of space free between the car and the kerb. Start from a position a little past the corner.


Take care when pulling up on the opposite side of the road. If a signal is necessary, avoid misleading others by timing the signal so you are just passing the road on the right.

Always ensure you are reversing from a major road into a minor road. To reverse from a minor road onto a major road could be very dangerous.

Reversing - POM
As usual, make sure you Prepare, Observe and Move - in that order. Use the handbrake to prevent the car from rolling. Take effective all-round observations, including both blindspots. Before beginning to move, you should be looking over your left shoulder, through the rear window.

Steering Right
If you look over your right shoulder as you approach the kerb, you should be able to see the kerb through the side window. Follow it round, trying to keep a steady distance throughout the manoeuvre.


Using the right mirror may help, but remember you must keep checking all around and look regularly out the back window for other road users. Keep very slow.

The front of the car will swing out towards the left when you turn, so make sure you look round and check on the left side (including the blindspot) before you steer.

Straighten up as the car becomes straight in the new road.

Reverse straight back into the new road for a good five or six car lengths. Keep slow, keep checking all around, and try to keep a steady distance from the kerb. When finished, there should be plenty of space available for others to pass and to use the junction. Remember that you are on the "wrong" side of the road, so others could be turning into the side road without being aware of your presence.

Engage the handbrake and select neutral.

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