Marmalade Learner Insurance

From just £85 a month you can practice in a family member or friend's car without risking their no claims bonus! Click here and enter your postcode to get an instant quote, and start practising the skills you learn from your driving instructor!

Marmalade New Driver Insurance

Affordable insurance that gets you on the road and teaches invaluable safe driving skills at the same time. Marmalade's clever "black box" technology could save you £100's on your annual insurance policy if you are aged 17-24 and there are no curfew restrictions. This insurance will cover you on your own vehicle, even if you are learning to drive, so you can start building a no claims bonus straight away. Click here to obtain a quote and find out more.

Cars for Young Drivers

Marmalade's "Fuel and Go" scheme is the UK's only car and free insurance package that starts when you are 17! Cars are available from leading manufacturers including Vauxhall, Fiat, Peugeot and Ford. Click here to find out more.

What is Marmalade?

It's not often you get to say this about an insurance company, but Marmalade is a genuinely exciting development, especially if you're young (17-24) and learning to drive.

Why is Marmalade exciting?

There are two massive (and related) problems facing young people who want to start driving in Britain today. One is safety and the other is cost.

Safety: Statistically, a young driver is much more likely to be involved in an accident than a more experienced driver. This suggests that young motorists need something to help them refine their driving skills, even after passing their test. Even those who have passed their test with flying colours can benefit from further feedback and guidance as they become acquainted with "real life" on the roads.

Cost: As the risk of an accident is so much higher for the young and inexperienced, the cost of insurance tends to be much higher for younger drivers. It's difficult to enjoy your newly-obtained independence when you can't afford to pay a four figure sum each year just to insure your vehicle (aside from all the other costs involved). This is particularly unfair when you consider that some young drivers are safer than others, yet all have to suffer with the same high insurance costs.

Fortunately, Marmalade has come up with a clever formula that simultaneously addresses both these problems.

How does Marmalade work?

Marmalade uses "black box technology" to monitor how well you're driving once you've got your own car. The better you drive, the greater the discount on your insurance. In other words, those who drive responsibly are rewarded with affordable insurance premiums. Those who take risks get hit where it hurts: in the bank balance!

Marmalade also offers affordable cover for private practice while you're still learning to drive. They can even help you get a great deal on a new car, with a year's free insurance thrown in!

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