Toucan & Equestrian Crossings

A toucan crossing works in the same way as a puffin crossing. The main difference is that the crossing is wider as it is intended for use by cyclists as well as pedestrians (two can cross). There is usually an extra control panel situated so the button can be easily pressed by cyclists.

Pegasus or equestrian crossings (either name can be used) also work in the same way as puffin crossings. These crossings are also wider than normal, and often feature a contained area for horses and their riders to wait. An extra control panel is situated two metres above ground level (and away from the edge of the road) so that riders can easily press the button without having to dismount.

Note: although toucan and pegasus/equestrian crossings are intended to work the same way as puffin crossings (Highway Code, rule 199), there are cases in which these crossings can be found using the same light sequence as pelican crossings.


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