When using lanes, you should position your car in the centre of the lane whenever possible. Use the lane furthest to the left unless you have a good reason for doing otherwise.

When using lanes, always be aware of what is behind you in adjacent lanes as well as in your own lane. You may not be expecting to change lanes, but the situation could change at any time.

In order to be able to safely change lanes, there should be a reasonable amount of space behind and in front of you in the lane you are moving into. Exactly how much space you require is dependent on the speed you are traveling (higher speeds require more space). You must also take into account the speed of any vehicle you are about to move in front of, particularly if it is traveling faster than you are.

Routine - MSM
Mirrors: When the need to change lanes arises, you should already have a good awareness of the other road users around you. Use your mirrors to confirm there is sufficient space before making a final decision. If necessary, check the blind spot.

Signal: Signal if necessary for other road users. Bear in mind that signals can be misleading, particularly if there is a side road coming up.

Manoeuvre: You may need to adjust your speed slightly to make the best use of available space. When safe, steer gently to ease into the new lane. Remember to cancel any signal as soon as it is no longer necessary.


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