Space And Speed

When faced with a reduction in the amount of available space, the important rule to remember is very simple: Less Space, Less Speed.


In normal driving, you should be maintaining around a metre of clearance from the kerb, or whatever you happen to be passing. When forced to reduce this level of clearance, you should also reduce your speed. The less clearance you have, the lower your speed should be. If passing a moving vehicle, reduce the speed even further.

Routine - MSM
As always, use the MSM routine when dealing with a hazard. You should know in advance about any other road users who may be affected by your actions. You should also be aware of any signals you are giving out (including brake lights) and who may be affected by them.

Vulnerable road users
Whenever possible, particularly vulnerable road users (such as pedestrians and cyclists) should be given more than the standard one metre of clearance. Again, wherever clearance has to be decreased below what you would normally provide, reduce your speed accordingly.

No space
At times space may become so limited that it simply is not safe to proceed, even at a very slow speed. If this happens, stop and wait for the situation to improve. With sufficient forward planning and anticipation, you should always be able to stop in a position which allows other road users to move out of the way so you are eventually able to proceed.

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